Here's an idea I came up with while searching for information for my own engine build. A one stop page showing multiple dyno graphs of various engines in different states of tune, from standard through increased capacity to forced induction.

Please note that the results of these graphs will be unique to the individual engine being tested at the time in those conditions so there is no guarentee you'll achieve exactly the same results with the same mods.

With the addition over time of more graphs I also hope that they'll be plenty of graphs for standard engines to help show how good results can still be achieved with these engines many years after they rolled off the production line. Jump to: navigationsearch. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in.

Namespaces Article Discussion. Views Read View source View history. This page was last edited on 17 Novemberat Content is available under. Lots of lines on above graph, thats high and low boost settings. Before and after BTB2 manifold, no other mods.

Redline - Standard Purple Line - Hottuning exhaust manifold, no fueling adjustments made. At the wheels figures. Early 9. ETA block re mapped pipercross intake bbtb magnex 6 branch scorpion bbox. Block shaved 0. On a hot summer day with the car running rich because of a bad O2 sensor this is what was put down B25 low comp pistons, block and head both skimmed minimal on the head, 0.

Graph shows at the wheel figures, flywheel converted figures estimated at bhp and Lb:Ft.

m20b25 pistons

M20 2 ltr block bored to M20B31 - cc Free flowing exhaust compression increased from to On petrol with mixer venturi removed - bhp, lb. At 8psi, with a 12psi spike.

It's a standard 2. Standard engine. BTB Manifold and exhaust system. Run 1 - Results matching fewer words. Skip to main content. Include description. Brand Type. Aftermarket Branded 6 Items 6. Genuine OEM 4 Items 4.

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Not Specified 4 Items 4. BMW 8 Items 8. Goetze 2 Items 2. JE Pistons 1 Items 1. Not Specified 2 Items 2. Piston 8 Items 8. Piston Ring 6 Items 6. Fitment Type. Direct Replacement 2 Items 2. Not Specified 11 Items No Warranty 1 Items 1. Unspecified Length 1 Items 1. Not Specified 12 Items New 10 Items Used 3 Items 3.

For parts or not working 1 Items 1. Please provide a valid price range. Buying Format. All Listings. Buy It Now.

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Item Location. Canada Only. North America.In good, used fully-functional condition. This sale includes A, B, and C below:. In good used condition.

Removed from excellent-running BMW e30 iS withmiles. The m20b25 engine from which these items were removed did not need re-building.

m20b25 pistons

These items were removed so the bottom end could be modified from stock 2. Micrometered: a connecting lower large end crankshaft ; and b piston lower ring groove the one that gets "hammered-out" as you can see in fourth picture above. Standard size parts for 84mm bore, 75mm crankshaft. Gear-driven m20 Engine Oil Pump that can be rebuilt multiple times.

If you are unsure as to fitment, please consult your local BMW dealer.

BMW E30 3-Series Pistons and Cylinders

Please also do not purchase this item if you are unfamiliar with determining whether this item is functional or not, as some current buyer's of items are definately incapable of making that determination, or timely seeking those who are. As a result, if you feel you cannot leave feedback within a reasonable time period for the particular item--especially those whose "fitness is self-evident in itself" like a plastic body panel, requiring absolutlely nothing to test--please do not purchase this item, as I will block you from subsequent purchases.

Similarly, many electrical parts, such as lights, horns, motors, etc, can be tested by using the applicable in-line fuse wired to a 12v car battery positive terminal, and separate wire connected to the negative.

Many switches can be tested the same way using a light bulb or test light. You don't need a BMW to do such tests, let alone a car. I stand behind my products, but not the clueless I will try to give you all the technical post-sale support you need, but please do some independent research BEFORE you contact me, and we will be better able to solve your issue.

Any buyer not leaving feedback will also be blocked. The Internet is also a huge forum that can democratically determine the validity of an item, and I would be happy to discuss the validity of any of my items, especially on any BMW forum. Of course that applies both ways, as in certain instances--especially small businesses--you may find it necessary to reply to my original threads discussing your "professional" expertise and competence, and please feel free to complain about me there also.

Finally, feedback for buyer's will now only be given after feedback is given to me the seller first. If you have been blocked, do NOT attempt to contact me in any way, as I will first report you to E-Bay, then the applicable law enforcement agencies for statutory harrassment, and then the applicable Internet forum.

I pull weeds for a living, am rank-amatuer mechanic like most other's on E-Bay, and quite assuredly most buyer's easily have better skills and credentials, so the above requirements should be easily met.

Thank you for looking. Please also see my other listings for tested and clean BMW parts at affordable prices. Unfortunately, that trend promises to continue with two new special editions: the Defender Silver Pack and Black Pack. Both will be shown at the Geneva motor show. The company says the sleek four-door embodies the next-generation design cues, including the V-Motion front end, floating roof and boomerang headlights. The Swedish automaker says it's the most significant update since the vehicle's debut a decade ago.

At the top of the list--for us anyway--is the deletion of the lower body cladding.

BMW M20 OEM Crown Stroker / Long Rod Custom Pistons set.

Location: Denver, Colorado, US.If you want help fitting one of these beasts to your car, learn more about the M20 Engine Swap. With displacements ranging from 2. It was intended to replace the larger displacement 4-cylinder motors and was born out of BMW's conviction that a small six had more development potential than a large four i. Powering the E21 and E30 3-Series, as well as E12E28 and E34 5 Series cars, it was produced for nearly two decades, with the last examples powering the E30 i Touring built until sometime in By that time, the newer twin-cam M50 engines with 4 valves per cylinder had already been used in the E36 and E34 for a couple of years.

As the BMW M21it became a diesel engine that was also available with a turbocharger. The engine in all E30s is a three-part design, featuring a main Block with a Sump at the bottom and a Head at the top.

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The lowest part of the M20 engine is the Sump, an aluminium dish that provides an oil bath for the crankshaftas well as feeding the oil pump. Oil is drained through a single bolt. Almost all M20 sumps are interchangeable between engines, except for that fitted to the iX. Removing the sump on an M20 in situ is one of the most irksome chores on these engines. You can lift the engine out to get better access, but this requires dismantling a large portion of the engine ancillaries.

However, you can attempt the following method:. Drive the car up onto ramps, and chock the rear wheels. Now remove the top radiator bracket, and unbolt both ends of the each rubber engine mounting block.

Jack up the engine evenly using blocks of wood under each mounting arm, and remove the rubber engine mounting blocks when they become free. Lower the arms back onto small pieces of wood cut from standard mm fence posts placed sideways where the rubber blocks had been, making sure that the radiator moves up and down with the engine.

Remove the steering column universal joint clamp bolt at the rack to allow it to slide off the rack. Disconnect one steering ball joint at the wheel hub this may be difficult with the car on ramps as the wheel has to swivel. Unbolt the two steering rack retaining bolts, prise down one of the flanges slightly and lower the rack to hang loosely.

Unbolt the earth strap and oil level sender from the nearside upper sump, under the alternator. Remove the sump bolts - including those hidden by the engine to gearbox shroud. Finally, rotate the front of the sump diagonally forward and down to allow its shallow rear section to clear the oil pump pick-up.

Refitting, like always, is the reverse of removal. The M20 oil pump is a gear-driven unit that takes its power from the crank via an intermediate drive shaft.The engine was manufactured on Munich Plant Munich, Germany since to This engine was developed on base of low displacement the M20B20 2. It has an It was equipped with Bosch Motronic 1. An early version of this engine was equipped with the Bosch Motronic 1.

This engine has a compression ratio of 9. Inthe engine management was upgraded to Motronic 1. The M20B25 version with catalytic converters has a compression ratio rating of 8. The cylinder block, a monoblock specially cast structure. The pistons are each fitted with two compression rings and a single oil ring. The cylinder head is made of an aluminum alloy with good cooling efficiency. Cylinder head number is Intake valves are The valves are opened and closed by rocker arms.

These rocker arms perform a dual function of cam follower valve adjuster, as one end contains the eccentric and the adjustment nut. The rocker arms pivot around rocker arm shafts. We try to use verified sources and official documentation, however, differences between sources or errors in entering information may occur. We do not provide advice on technical issues related to the engines operation or repair. We do not recommend using provided information for engines repairing engines or spare parts ordering, use only official service manuals and spare-parts catalogs.

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FYI: Pistons are a component of a reciprocating engine. The pistons ride up and down in the cylinders and are sealed tight by the piston rings. The purpose of the piston is to transfer the force from the expanding gas in the combustion camber to the crankshaft via the connecting rod. The tolerances for pistons are very precise and pistons should always be carefully inspected and measured when rebuilding an engine. No Longer Available. Piston rings purpose is to seal the gap between the cylinder wall and piston.

Piston rings wear over time and the rings should always be carefully inspected, measured or replaced when rebuilding an engine. All Search Everything.

MAHLE Cast Pistons – M20B25 – 84.5mm Bore 8.8:1 CR

BMW 3-Series E30 Pistons Piston and cylinders are a crucial part of rebuilding an engine. JE Piston, Set of 4, Bore: In this environment, the higher compression ratios, highest boost or heavy nitrous usage necessitate the higher tensile strength aluminum alloy. Dome and dishes feature smooth flowing radii for excellent flame travel. Pin fitting and wire locks included Rings Now Included. Click for More Info. Piston Brand Rating. Piston Rings Piston rings purpose is to seal the gap between the cylinder wall and piston.

Piston Ring Set Engine Piston Ring Set. Piston Ring Set, Standard, 89mm 1.

m20b25 pistons

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Browse Shipping Options. Project List.The M20 is an inline-6 piston engine of BMW. With displacements ranging from 2. It was intended to replace the larger displacement 4-cylinder motors and was born out of BMW's conviction that a small six had more development potential than a large four i. Powering the E21 and E30 3-Seriesas well as E12E28 and E34 5 Series cars, it was produced for nearly two decades, with the last examples powering the E30 i touring built until sometime in By that time, the newer twin-cam M50 engines with 4 valves per cylinder had already been used in the E36 and E34 for a couple of years.

Three different head castings were used over the engine's production run. The earliest was aka the "". The next version was aka the "". This head was the same as the but featured larger intake ports. The final version was or "" introduced in the i.

Ports were further enlarged, valves were larger and the combustion chamber was redesigned to improve flow and thermodynamic efficiency. As the BMW M21it became a diesel engine that was also available with a turbocharger.

The M20B20 is a 2. Fueling was handled by a Solex four-barrel carburettor. These early versions all used the "" head. When the E30 debuted inthe 2.

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Inthe 2. Later models also received larger valves. The 2. This motor was only used in 3-series models. The i began as an E21 model in and was phased out as the E30 models came into production.

It initially used the same head and block as the carbureted 2. It also featured Bosch K-Jetronic Injection. The E30 version featured the revised "" head with larger intake ports and used L-Jetronic instead of K-Jet.

Most significantly it had redesigned pistons and combustion chambers for better power, more resistance to detonation and higher thermodynamic efficiency.

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It was equipped with Bosch Motronic 1. With a minor modification that adjusts the idle speed of a cold engine, the i fulfills Euro 2 emission requirements in Germany, resulting in a lower tax compared to Euro 1 as of The eta engine used the same "" head casting as the carbureted 2.

The heads still have seven journals cast into them though and can be drilled to oil a seven bearing cam. This was the first engine BMW built with fuel economy as the top priority.