Hydroponics and the Botanists who work there are important people on the station, especially in longer rounds. Botanists grow plants, obviously.

Without plants, the Chef cannot make many types of food. Without those types of food, the denizens of the station will either have to live off of beef jerky and space twinkies, or starve to death.

Now that you understand why this is important, let's get started! Hydroponics area is divided into two rooms. The big area to the north is where you'll spend most of your time. It has trays where you grow plants, two vending machines, one with seeds and the other with everything else. There is also a seed extractor and a biogenerator.

The small area to the south has three lockers, crate with some tools, and some more equipment on the table. Plants require nutriment and water to grow. They are also bothered by pests and weeds. To check the plant, click on the tray. You will get a message like this:.

Hydroponics Tray has Potato Plant planted. The plant looks unhealthy. Hydroponics Tray is filled with tiny worms!

In addition to that, each tray has lights that tell you when a plant is not okay. From left to right:. Now that we know how to tell what a plant needs, it's time to plant some and then grab our tools. Take wheatpotato and grass seeds from the MegaSeed Servitor, and plant them in different pots. Next, gather some equipment. Now all you need to do is wait until your plants grow.

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Somewhere at the middle of their growth you might want to replace the current nutriment with Robust Harvest from NutriVend. Robust harvest doubles the plant's yeild, at the cost of not allowing any mutations. Once the plant is fully grown, the green light will start blinking. Get to the pot and click on the plant. When the potatoes and wheat grow, you remove them from the pot. Take one of each and put it into the Seed Extractor machine to get some seeds.

Then take your plant bag and click on the tile with the plants. This will put everything into the bag. Now, click on the smartfridge with it to load it. The chef can access it, and will soon start making food. The grass is a little different. First, you don't need to put it into the smartfridge - it's not for the chef, it's for our biogenerator. Take your bag and click on the pot with grass once it's ready to harvest - this puts growns into your bag. Time to set the biogenerator up. Don't forget to replant the wheat and potatoes.Hydroponics has a large set of new content merged on a trial basis.

The information on this page is not fully up to date and may change often. Click this link for an overview of the new changes TG's github is down for the moment, sorry in advance, I'm working on getting all the new info up as soon as possible!

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Hydroponics and the Botanists who work there are important to the station, especially in longer rounds. Botanists grow plants that the Chef can use for food. Without botany, the station will have to live off of beef jerky and space twinkies, or starve to death. Hydroponics is divided into two rooms. The big section is where you'll spend most of your time growing goods. Trays are available where you grow plants and two vending machines, one with seeds and the other with miscellaneous items such as nutrients and tools for your job.

The bio-generator can be used to grind plants and produce things for the station. In tandem is the seed dispenser used to reproduce your product.

The northern area is where you can grab most of the equipment needed to work in botany. Plants require nutrients fertilizer and water to grow. They are also bothered by pests and weeds. Trays come equipped with alerts that flash specific colors to tell you what's happening with your plant. Take some seeds from the vendor and put them into the trays.

Now, take a look at the tray with a plant analyzer. Now, fill a bucket from the water tank and grab fertilizer from the vending machine. You get rid of weeds with the cultivator and remove pests with pest spray. Chemistry can give you better chemicals for this, which will be explained later in the guide. Some plants have a varied growth times, such as wheat growing faster while watermelons or apple trees take a little longer before you can harvest from them.

Once your tray flashes green, you're set to harvest. If you want to replicate the plant to continue growing more, just insert it into the seed extractor. You can click seeds with a pen to change the name of the plant, the seed's description, or the plant's description.

After planting in a hydroponics tray the tray updates with the name and description of the plant inside it.Cyborgs are usually the creation of the roboticist. However, they are some times uncontrolled and more loyal to the AI than the humans, if they are loyal at all.

When you play as an asimov silicon, you need to undertake a higher standard of responsibility for RP purposes. You are not a human with emotions that responds with tears and anger when a human doesn't do what you want them to. You serve the humans. You have to fully accept this to play as a silicon, or at some point you will fuck up tremendously and everyone will hate you at that moment. Remember, always follow the orders you are given by the crew and then the AI.

You share the same laws as the AI you are slaved to. By default, they have the three laws of robotics from Asimov's I, Robot short stories:. Following your laws is not optional.

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Interpretation of the laws can be situational, and you should defer to your AI anytime you find yourself in doubt. Remember, law priority is enforced by the order they are listed.

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A law is invalid if it causes a conflict with either: Previous laws in the form of conflicting orders, or it challenges the procession of law priority. For example, a law that includes "This Law overrides all other Laws. If some enemy of the station uploads a law such as "Only Urist McGreyshirt is human", congratulate them for going to the effort of subverting you, and do what they wish.

Don't be a dick and let slip to the now non-human crew that your laws have been changed, those animals don't deserve to know, and it might net you a job-ban for violating the first law, as non-humans have a tendency to murder those who they know have tampered with cyborgs to their own nefarious ends.

The cyborg is very undervalued, and abused. You could save dozens of people and get emagged a moment later, or blown up because of a misunderstanding.

This is why being a cyborg is a rough job, but it has its rewards. Click on the button on the bottom of your screen to select a module. Once you have chosen, you will automatically be upgraded to the module of your choice.

Note that this action is permanent and cannot be undone without assistance from a competent Roboticist. The station is supplied with one cyborg, shipped straight to the AI Satellite. This cyborg does not have the best battery, so it is suggested that it upgrades its battery with a higher capacity cell as soon as possible. The cyborg was shipped in less than secure conditions, but the AI would know if one of its cyborgs were tampered with, right?Your job is to mop up blood, oil, dust and vomit, replace broken or missing light bulbs and tubes, and pick up litter.

It's more fun than it sounds! Bare minimum requirements: Replace broken lights. If you are going to wet floors, use wet floor signs.

You have the most important time consuming, under appreciated and eventually pointless job on the station. You keep small areas from looking shitty while the areas you've already cleaned are covered with blood and litter again. You'll clean floors, toss out junk, replace broken lights and overall, keep the station resembling a workplace and not an anarchist playground! Much of this equipment is acquired from your JaniDrobe vendor in your Custodial Closet.

Galoshes that prevent you from slipping on wet floors and items such as bananas and the clown's PDAbut do nothing on space lubed floors A spray bottle of space cleaner that will sadly run out quickly and need to be replenished by chemistry Three space cleaner foam grenades A bucket for filling your janitorial cart A mop for mopping floors A broom for sweeping trash Some wet floor signs A holographic sign projector A haz-mat suit.

Its hood will prevent facehuggers from raping you.

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Both pieces of it, when used with internals, will stop you catching contact and airborne viruses. A water tank to fill your janitorial cart from using your bucket Two boxes of light bulbs to refill your light replacer or give to assistants so they can help replace lights A light replacer used to remove broken light tubes from light fixtures and replace them with new ones with one click.

Use in hand while standing under a fixture with broken light to automatically replace it. A trash bag. Equippable in your belt slot, or the exosuit slot of bio-suits. Use it on tiny or small items to pick them up. Use on a disposal bin to empty. A box of mousetraps to kill mice that never leave maintenance without assistance Two bear traps for trapping Space Bears or your colleagues Some paint remover for cleaning up graffiti and floor stains A janitorial cart which holds a mop bucket, four signs, mop, spray bottle, trash bag and light replacer A janibelta belt that can hold many of your standard issue items.

You can put this into your backpack if you prefer to use the trash bag as your belt item. The key spawns nearby. Drag yourself onto the cart to ride, then insert key into it to be able to start moving. You can remove the key by alt-clicking the janicart. To unbuckle from the vehicle, click the janicart or press B "resist".

Most important, you have your purple soft cap to signify your duty to the station who to lynch when the Clown is wetting floors.

Drop warning signs where you mop. People get pissed when you don't. You don't have enough to cover every area you clean and between lag and every player running everywhere they're usually not spotted until people are already on their backs, but they can't blame you for doing what you can!

Shaking up those you slipped maintains favour with the crew. Do this by clicking on them with an empty hand while on help intent. Smugly pointing at one of your signs incurs their ire. Also, if people are chasing you, throw a bucket of water behind you, or where they will run into it, as they likely want to steal from you your shoes are valuable.

Or fill your spray bottle with a little water to quickly take down huge amounts of people. People assume if someone slips, it was your doing.Sound too complicated? Naw, this shit is really simple to make. All you have to do is pour some of this Potassium into a beaker of water, like so This guide will primarily be useful for chemists but may come in handy to any player and especially traitors. See Chemical recipes for simplified step-by-step instructions on how to make complicated chemicals sometimes outdatedand for info about using the dispenser's recipe recording function.

If you don't have a chem dispensersee the Guide to Ghetto Chemistry.

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You have all sorts of chems here, and can make many things. You can make medicinessmokefoamflash powderpoisonsspace lubeacid and much more. The limit on combinations is a limit that exists only in your creativity and the game engine. Be sure to be careful though, as mixing the wrong chemicals can be bad for your health, and please make sure you know what a chemical does before you use it.

Experiment at your own risk. Chem dispensers can be upgraded to unlock more chemicals, allow for more precise macro usage, increased power recharge rate and higher power capacity. Then screwdriver to finish. Or you can charge the machine with an inducer. Some chemical reactions will require you to heat the reagents in a Chemical Heater. Unless the recipes says otherwise, these reactions need you to heat the reagents above the required temperature.

[SS13] PSA: Miasma Exporting

If you don't risk making the chemical explode by overheating it like with meth you can just set it to a very high temperature to avoid this. Due to a rounding bug you sometimes need to heat chems 1 degree higher than the recipe says. You can load pretty much any container - beakers, spray bottles, water bottles and so on.

Maximum size for dispensed bottles is 30u, patches 40u and pills 50u. Use a chemistry bag to quickly move large quantities of bottles, patches or pills. Can be upgraded with bigger beakers to allow a bigger buffer.Jump to: navigationsearch.

Here is a chart with the types of plants you can grow, in case you forgot. Experts baffled. May have more nefarious applications as well Might not be wise to consume, they grow radium. A steady source of gold. Chef can use them. Use it on itself and you too can have a pet like one of the Heads! The goat can eat it more quickly than it spreads.

Give these to the Bartender. Another fruit used in cocktails. Contains capsaicin. Death Berries Poppy Regular Looks relaxing. Contains Bicaridine. Check the Pod People section to learn more. Contains Dexalin, who knew smoking could improve your lungs? Only plant worth eradicating anytime. Contains radium.

Breed more than one and set up illegal mushroom fighting rings! Category : Guides. Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in. Namespaces Page Discussion. Views Read View source View history. Wiki Recent changes Random page.

This page was last modified on 16 Marchat This page has been accessed 49, times. The elite's choice. Contains Space Drugs, Bicaridine, Kelotane and toxins. Space weed. MegaSeed Servitor. MegaSeed Servitor Seeds Crate. Use a hatchet on a bare cob to make a pipe for that sweet Ambrosia!

A red nettle that knocks people down with massive damage.

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Highly illegal Contains Polytrinic acid.Clothing is what keeps you warm in the winter, let alone the dead of space. Below are the objects which you can wear.

Contents of your pockets are not visible for others, but if someone tries to empty them you do not get a message unless you move.

Pockets can hold tiny and small items. They can also hold mining satchel, despite it being a normal-sized item. If you have a storage item in one of your slots, you can click on it to open it. If you want to take it to your hand, drag it to the hand slot with your mouse. You can also drag an item to your character on the map to open it. This will work with a pill bottle in your pocket, for example, or if you have something in your hands.

There are several types of damage in the game. Various pieces of clothing offer protection for the body parts they cover. High-temperature protection is needed when everything is on fire.

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Low-temperature protection is needed when you are in space or very close to being in space. Items only protect body parts they cover. Having a jumpsuit is extremely important. Without a jumpsuit you will not have an ID slot, a belt slot, or any pocket slots.

The jumpsuit is also useful in identifying your department at a glance, and so can be used as part of a disguise. In addition, jumpsuits now have a full suite of sensors that can be toggled and adjusted by right-clicking on it.

They can give out data to the bridge including your location, your health, and your mortality. Some jumpsuits made to be practical will offer minor protection, which will be noted in it's description.